BC Liquor Store Product Price List Dashboard

It’s a live interactive dashboard, give it a try!

Yesterday I posted an article detailing the use of a liquor pricing database from British Columbia’s DataBC open data platform.  I received a recommendation from the DataBC twitter handle, @Data_BC, that interactive dashboards would be a nice step up from screenshots.  I have always planned to eventually graduate the Open Data Bits site to live dashboards, but I hadn’t found a tool that would allow me to do so without limitations or prohibitive licensing costs.  @Data_BC recommended Tableau Public, and after giving it a try I am impressed with the results.

For the dashboard above, I used the same data set featured in yesterday’s article at this link.  The source data and information about the open data license can be found at this link.  You can select filter values, expand the hierarchy on the table, and interact with the underlying data.  Expect more live, interactive, dynamic dashboards in future articles.

If browser setting prevent you from rendering the dashboard above, here’s a screenshot:

BC Liquor Tableau Featured