Working with open data requires tools for extracting, transforming, loading, and visualizing data.  There are numerous available tools that can perform these tasks.  The tools that Open Data Bits uses within our content have been selected due to availability, familiarity, and affordability.  The following tools and applications are representative of what has been used by Open Data Bits:

Windows 8.1 PC – 6 GB RAM, 64-bit Operating System, 2.40 GHz processor

Excel 2013 – Open Data Bits has used Excel 2013 with Power Pivot and Power View due to familiarity and availability.  The Power Pivot and Power View add-ons for Excel 2013 can be obtained by individual users who purchase an Excel standalone license.  Read more about the details at this link.

Tableau Public – Tableau Public is a free business intelligence tool with which you can rapidly build data models and create interactive dashboards.  Dashboards can be embedded in web page for users to view and engage.  Click here to get started with your own data visualization using Tableau Public.

Google Docs – Documentation created by Open Data Bits is made available for download using a Google Docs account.  Content should be available to download without needing a Google account.