Open Data Bits provides documentation that is intended to assist with integration, mashing-up, and visualization of open data. The primary goal of documentation by Open Data Bits is to provide a methodology for the integration and architectural conformation of global open data.

For a tutorial video that walks you through the process of using the Open Data Bits library of documentation to build your own open data mashups, we have created a video that can be watched by clicking here.

Documentation provided by Open Data Bits will inevitably evolve as more data sets are featured on the site.  Currently, the following resources are available to help you with your quest to empower open data:

Open Data Sets Each open data set that has been featured by Open Data Bits has a unique page for documentation.  Those pages can be viewed by clicking here.

Sources and Modeling  Open Data Bits provides documentation about our open data sources and modeling.  That page can be viewed by clicking here.

Logical Model A logical model of the data tables used by Open Data Bits is available at this link.

Open Data Bits Tables For the dimensions created by Open Data Bits for reference and download, click here.