The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has recently released Medicare Provider Utilization and Payment Data at the detail level of Physicians and Other Suppliers.  This release of open data has generated significant publicity and has become a hot topic of debate.  A few articles about this CMS data release are linked at the bottom of this post.  Would you like to have a look at this data for yourself with the ability to interactively filter it and build reports?  Open Data Bits has now added documentation to our library that can help you do it from a personal computer.

First, you should note that this CMS data set contains CPT codes that are the intellectual property of the AMA.  There is a licensing document available via CMS from this link which details the terms of the license that you need to be aware of when using this data.

This CMS data set contains detailed information about claims and reimbursement data at the provider level.  Once you have integrated this data into a business intelligence solution you will be able to filter and analyze the data by attributes such as state, city, address, provider gender, provider type, HCPCS code, and more.

If you’d like to visit the Open Data Bits step-by-step documentation page for guidance with building your own solution using this data, click here.  The data set can also be integrated with any other data set containing US zip code data.  Open Data Bits also provides a Zip Code step-by-step documentation page at this link.  Not quite sure how to use Open Data Bits documentation?  Stay tuned, we will be publishing an instructional video later this week.

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